Pressure Drop On Circular Pipes (Δ P)

The Calculator

  Vol.[%] Gas-type Density [kg/m3] Viscosity
[10E-6 pa.s]
Mixture Average :

Input Parameters
Temperature [ °C ]
Pressure [ mbar ]
Gas Volume Flow [ l/h ]
Pipe Inner Diameter [ mm ]
Pipe Length [ m ]
Reynolds Number
Gas Velocity [ m/s ]
Pressure Drop, ΔP  [ mbar ]
Hydrostatic Column* [ mbar/m ]

Here you can calculate the pressure drop of circular pipes for certain gases. Three input-selectors for gas-mixtures allow you to select the gases with their volume percentages. You can see the mixture gas-density and gas-viscosity at the end of the first table. Density is temperature and pressure corrected, whereas viscosity is only compensated for temperature ( is nearly independent of gas pressure for p<10 bar ).

Please be careful with the input of the "gas flow":  these are not norm liters but volume liters. That is, if you want to calculate the pressure drop at 3 bara , i.e., you have to provide the volume flow at that pressure: 300 l/h @ 1 bara would become 100 l/h @ 3bara.

More information formulas involved to your left.